Jeleja: handmade in Italy.

Back in the 2021 the idea was to build a brand with stylish products but, most importantly, products with good quality materials: you need to feel good when you wear them. 
The world is currently over producing and over polluting. Slow fashion is the answer. When you buy from Jeleja you know there’s a special attention in every step, from the creation to the shipping. The goal is to create with as many recycled materials as possible, to ship with minimal packaging and to use less and less plastic. 

Every jewelry piece is made with 925 silver and is nickel free, in order to avoid any skin issue.
Crochet bags are handmade with natural yarns, mainly recycled cotton and natural raffia.

Jeleja accessories are both feminine and funny, both for daytime and nighttime, both sporty and elegant. It's all about the way you choose to wear them and combine them. Have fun!


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